Fun Writing Vlogs to Check Out

I subscribe to a number of awesome writing & author related e-newsletters and vlogs. I’ve recommended a number of vlogs in the past. My favorite vlogger is Jenna Moreci. But, variety doesn’t only apply to chocolate. Here are some new vlogs to tempt your tastebuds.

You can’t have too much good advice, right?


Reedsy isn’t only for help in finding an editor. Their YouTube vlog offers basic writing and publishing advice that will help any writer.

Abbie Emmons

Abbie is all about reaching into the heart of your characters. Learning their needs vs. wants. Getting to what matters and why. It doesn’t matter your genre; her writing advice goes in dept and gives more than just tips.

Nour Zikra

Nour’s vlogs are short and sweet. They give great, snack-sized writing advice that you can view on your lunch break or binge a bunch of them as you’re waiting at the DMV.

What are your favorite writing and/or author related vlogs?

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