Top 5 #Writing Advice Vlogs on YouTube

There are many awesome writers giving free advice online. I’ve written about my favorite writer’s blogs, but there are also indie and traditional authors doing video blogs on YouTube as well.

Here are my go to vlogs for writing advice or motivation:

Jenna Moreci

The stress of being a cyborg queen hasn’t stopped Moreci from being hilarious and a great writer. She was the first author I found on YouTube and she has been an inspiration ever since. Her vlogs helped me finish my second novel. Do you need a swift kick in the nads to start or finish your writing project? Join the collective by watching Moreci’s videos.  Her first novel, Eve: The Awakening is on Amazon.

Derek Murphy

At first Murphy’s videos come off scattered, but if you stick with him, you’ll find that he doles out solid advice about everything from writing to marketing.  He is a successful indie author of many books and has been in the game for ten years strong.  Give his novel, Shearwater: Ocean Depths Book One a try.

Kim Chance

Chance is a bubbly, down home kid of gal that I just love to watch.  Her fun nature is 100% genuine and her writing craft videos are enjoyable to even the most cynical soul.  Her first novel, Keeper came out late January.

Kristen Martin

Martin in an international best selling author and one smart indie hustler to boot.  She also helps her fellow entrepreneurs to hustle smarter with her podcast. Martin has five novels out, but her debut was The Alpha Drive.

Vivien Reis

She is quirky and her writing videos are easy to understand. At times her dogs strolling in the background can steal the show.  Reis’s first novel, The Elysian Prophecy, will arrive mid February.


Ellen Brock

Brock is an editor. She really breaks down the components of how to write a good novel. Her videos are helpful to novices as well as anyone who needs a refresher course on the craft of storytelling.

What vlogs do you subscribe to on YouTube?

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