Top 5 Writer’s Blogs

Here are a few writer’s blogs I follow to learn from and be inspired by.

The Creative Penn: Joanna Pen is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thrillers and non-fiction. Her blog, podcast and YouTube channel has brilliant advice for indie authors on everything from writing to marketing to business for writers. Whenever you see a list with the best writing blogs, The Creative Penn is always on it.

Jane Friedman: Jane Friedman describes herself as a “late-sleeping, bourbon-drinking editor, at least mostly sane.” She’s the author of “Publishing 101” and has racked up 20-years of experience in the publishing industry.  Her blog shares advice for indie authors about social media, marketing and ebook publishing.

Jennifer Blanchard: Need motivation?  Look no further than Jennifer Blanchard’s blog.  Her posts are relatable and fun to read.  She will inspire you to work towards achieving your dream writing life.  Blanchard is an Amazon bestselling author of “Find Your Story,” “Align Your Writing Habits to Success,” and “Butt-in-Chair: A No-Excuses Writing Productivity Guide for Writers Who Struggle to Get Started.”  A Jennifer Blanchard quote: “Turns out that mindset really is 90 percent of being successful. The other 10 percent is just taking actions that are aligned with the success you want to create.”Funny and crazy blogger using a computer

TerribleMinds: Chuck Wendig: This blog is vulgar, LOL funny and cuddly, but not always at the same time. Wendig’s blog has weekly flash fiction challenges, author interviews, pop culture musings, and a little bit about writing.  This “Super Mega Rock Star Writer” is the author of the Miriam Black thrillers, the Atlanta Burns books, and the Heartland YA series.

Live Write Thrive: Started by novelist, editor and writing coach C. S. Lakin, this blog is bursting with relevant tips for writers.  Posts run the spectrum from general to motivational.


Writer’s Digest: This is not a blog, but it’s an amazing resource.  Almost any writing question you can think of has been answered somewhere on this website. Writer’s Digest has advice for indie and traditionally published fiction authors on all aspects of the industry.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. “

-Dr. Seuss

Are there any blogs you follow?

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