5 Crucial Things to Remember While Writing Your First Draft: #AmWriting #WritingWisdom #writingtips

These are great tips to keep in mind as you work on the first draft of your novel. I would add to this list:

6) Make an outline. You can do this before beginning the draft and/or as you go along.  An outline will keep you organized and help you remember what each scene or chapter is about.

7) Just write, don’t edit. When you’re in the creation phase editing and over thinking can slow you down. Use place holders if you need to research something. Now is not the time to be a perfectionist.  When you are in the editing phase you can stress about finding the right word.

8) Imagine the scene before writing.  Take a few minutes to visualize the setting, dialogue, and characters before you start to write.  This may help with any writer’s block you may face.

I came for the soup...

First Draft.jpg

First Draft.

Those two words wield a whole lot of power, evoking emotions from giddy excitement to brain numbing dread.

Some writers stand strong on the side of excitement, ready to throw down words and metaphors like hot fire, while others battle cold sweats and nausea at the single thought of how many words it’s going to take to bring their creative vision to life.

365-day-writing-challengeI digress for just a moment. If you are one of those who struggles with where to begin with your novel-writing-journey, give this writing prompt I created a try. It’s called Write Your Novel in 365 Days. 

With as few as 200 words a day, guided by a single word of the day to inspire you, you can have a complete novel written from start to finish in 365 days!

And just remember, your 365 day writing year starts on the day you

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One thought on “5 Crucial Things to Remember While Writing Your First Draft: #AmWriting #WritingWisdom #writingtips

  1. I remember learning cursive writing as a child…. the first step was holding the pencil properly and making sweeping circles on lined paper…Drafting is like that. It’s not about the finished project, its about capturing the magic that propels the images onto the page…unruly sweeping circles that keep your pencil casting about for the scent and never, ever, stays in the lines!

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