2018 Writing Goals, #AuthorLife #IndieAuthor

Goals, like a cheating boyfriend, who needs ‘em, am I right? Wrong, because I do need them—goals, that is—if I’m going to accomplish my dream of literary world domination. Achieving my 2017 writing goals was a fifty – fifty split, however, 2017 was still a major success, because I published the first two novels in my urban fantasy series.  This was a feat I never thought I’d finish.

If there is anything you want to accomplish, be it weight loss, writing a novel, saving for a house, or milking your first reindeer, give writing down your goals a try.  Making resolutions is not about telling yourself you want to do something, then dropping it on February 2nd.  You also have to make a plan, take actionable steps to reach your goals every day and hold yourself accountable in some way.

Here are my 2018 writing goals:

Write three days per week at a minimum. Sort of a repeat from last year, but it’s worth repeating, in this modified form. I need to achieve this goal if I’m to become a better writer.

people-2595729_640 reading in a bikiniRead more. Not only do I want to reduce my ‘To Be Read’ pile, I also want to read better quality novels.  I slogged through a number of boring, unmemorable books last year that I shouldn’t have wasted time on.

Write at least eight flash fiction pieces or short stories. Even though this is another repeat from 2017, I’m lowering the amount of stories to a manageable level. The editing, publishing, and writing of my first three novels devoured the majority of my time in 2017, leaving little energy for much else. This go around I’m setting a realistic goal.

Publish my 2017 flash fiction on my website. Should be simple enough… as soon as I figure out how to add a page in WordPress.

hermes-37426_640Finish drafting and editing my third novel.  Please Hermes and the literary gods of the universe, help me finish this damn novel.

Publish third novel.

Finish writing the prequel novella for the Primordial Realms series.

ebook-2202213_640 ipad novel openEdit and publish the prequel novella and use it as a free reader magnet.

Outline and draft at least fifty percent of the fourth novel in the Primordial Realms series.

beautiful-girl-2003647_640 girl staringBrainstorm and outline a new series that will be written to market.

Create a marketing plan for second series.

That’s it.  Not much, I know. I feel as if I should push myself to write more, but it’s better to set realistic goals. With my life the way it is now, excreting four to twelve books a year, like a few indie authors, isn’t possible for me. If I can do more, I will, but burning out isn’t an option.

What are your goals for 2018?

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