The Best Book I read in 2021

I hope everyone had a wonderful 2021. Mine was better than 2020, but still disappointing overall. Most of my goals weren’t accomplished and I have no excuses. They just weren’t none. C’est la vie. I hope to have a more productive and fulfilling 2022.

One highlight of 2021 was my favorite book of the year, Master of One by Jaida Jones and Dani Bennett.

Master of One Cover

It had been years since I’d read a fantasy novel, but when I discovered this book by two of my favorite authors, I just had to buy it. I can’t believe it’s been years since I’d read Jones and Bennett’s Havemercy series. Reading this was like slipping into a comfortable sweater that I hadn’t worn in ages. Master of One is fast paced with lovable characters, humor, and a well-constructed fantasy setting.  There are awesome LGBT characters. I hope Master of One turns into a series.


Rags is a thief—an excellent one. He’s stolen into nobles’ coffers, picked soldiers’ pockets, and even liberated a ring or two off the fingers of passersby. Until he’s caught by the Queensguard and forced to find an ancient fae relic for a sadistic royal sorcerer.

But Rags could never have guessed this “relic” would actually be a fae himself—a distractingly handsome, annoyingly perfect, ancient fae prince called Shining Talon. Good thing Rags can think on his toes, because things just get stranger from there…

With the heist and intrigue of Six of Crows and the dark fairy tale feel of The Cruel Prince, this young adult fantasy debut will have readers rooting for a pair of reluctant heroes as they take on a world-ending fae prophecy, a malicious royal plot, and, most dangerously of all, their feelings for each other.”  

What was your favorite read of 2021?

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