Five Things to Watch Out For During Self-Isolation

The words I hate hearing now more than ever are, “unprecedented times,” “woke,” “existential threat,” and “gnome hamburger meat.”  The world has changed since my last major blog post with the COVID-19 pandemic, protests over social injustice, and the declining economy.  Over the last few months the phrase “social distancing” no longer means running away from the creepy guy at work.

During my part-time work from home situation and while self-isolating on the weekends, I’ve learned a thing or two. Being the gracious goddess that I am, I’m imparting my wisdom to the lucky souls who read this blog. All two of you—hi, mom!  Here are five issues to look out for during self-isolation:

astronaut-1209364_640Higher utility bills.  As you stay at home during the week and avoid the siren song of bars on the weekends, you’ll consume more electricity and water. Gone are the days of basking in the air conditioning at your place of work and using their bathrooms as a safe space to read the newspaper in peace.  Now your home is where you’ll have Zoom meetings and conference calls.  The higher electric, internet, and water bills will have your name on it.

Higher grocery bills.  Oh sure, making a ham sandwich at home will save you a few bucks, as opposed to eating at Chili’s from noon to 1p with your work colleagues.  But, if you use a grocery delivery service to avoid the supermarket, you’ll now face service charges and tip fees that you didn’t before the pandemic.

Skipping exercise.  The gym is a no go zone right now.  Before COVID-19 the gym was a sweaty, funky hotbed of germs.  Now, it’s a corona virus death trap that smells like an armpit.  Even if you had a morning or evening routine of working out at home or with friends, a change in your daily life can tempt you to skip exercising.

Watching too much television. You’re at home during the day. Business has slowed down or ground to a halt.  You want to get on your treadmill like you want an anesthesia-free root canal.  Binge watching The Crown may seem like a productive use of your time.  But, is it, really? Why yes, it is.  According to Nielsen, media consumption has risen because more people are at home due to the pandemic.

Neglecting mental health.  MSNBC and other news networks traffic in doom and gloom 24/7.  This might increase anxiety.  Include changes in your everyday routine, a lack of exercise, social distance from friends and family (or way too much time spent in the company of family) and you have a recipe for a mental health breakdown. Think The Purge, COVID-19 edition.

It’s important to be aware of these five potential issues so you can combat them in a realistic way.  Find your joy, remember to take walks, turn off the TV, eat healthily, and take time to destress every day.   The pandemic will eventually end and we’ll get back to work, school, parities, and sporting events before we know it.

Finally, try to read a book, preferably my books.

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