Five More Awesome Writing Advice Articles

Howdy, everyone.  I can’t believe 2021 is only a few months away.  I know I write this almost every year, but where on Earth did the time go?  One minute I’m nursing a hangover from a drunken New Year’s Eve party, next I’m ducking and dodging a novel corona virus like I’m a soldier in a war zone, and the next thing I know it’s almost Halloween.

Maybe it’s a good thing that 2020 is almost over.  It certainly has been unlike any other year in existence.

person-2588081_640Here are five of the best writing and publishing related articles/stories I’ve read in the last month.

4 Questions to Prevent Plot Holes by K.M. Weiland:  Weiland is like a plot whisperer.  Helping Writers Become Authors should be a go to source for all newbie authors.  In this article she lays out four questions you should ask yourself in order to prevent plot holes.

Writing a Series. Satisfy Readers and Make More Money With Lindsay Buroker by Joanna Penn: In this podcast/article, Joanna Penn talks to author Lindsay Buroker about why writing a series can make a writer more money.

How Much Does it Cost to Publish a Book? [Full Publishing Costs] by Scott Allan on This article gives new authors an estimate on the costs to self-publish a quality book that will not look amateurish.

3 Important Line Edits to Make Your Writing Shine by Jocelyn Pruemer on The Write Life: Editing can be fun.  No, really, it can be. Kinda.  Well, anyway, this short article gives three tips to help make your story shine.

How Writers Can Reimagine Common Storytelling Tropes by Isobelle Lans on Well-Storied:  Isobelle Lans lays out some common tropes, like the Chosen One, and offers suggestions on how to transform them.


The Cyborg Writing Queen, Jenna Moreci, serves up tips on how to write monsters and other creatures that go bump in the shadows.

Has the time been flying by for you too?

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4 thoughts on “Five More Awesome Writing Advice Articles

  1. that Jenna video was so fun lol. I always watch a writerly type video or two to motivate me before I write. The only danger is that sometimes they are so good I end up watching way more than one or two lol. I like the videos Meg LaTorre and Alexa Dunne make too. Lots of good info

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