2018 Year End Review: Writing Goals

2018 had more good things than bad.  Even though I didn’t hit all of my goals, I’m happy in general with the year.

2018 Writing Goals Review

Write three days per week at a minimum. RESULT: This is a 70/30.  Most of the year I wrote at least three days per week, sometimes more, but I wasn’t consistent.

Read more. RESULT: I definitely read more, so I count this as a win.  I still need to better the quality of my reading list.  In 3rd and 4th quarters I read so many duds that were not worth mentioning.

Write at least eight flash fiction pieces or short stories. RESULT: Epic fail! I didn’t write any flash or shorts. I’m disappointed in myself for this. At the beginning of 2018 I was gung-ho about doing this, then motivated to write shorts escaped me all year.

Publish my 2017 flash fiction on my website. RESULT: Win! This was done early in the year.

Finish drafting and editing my third [now fourth] novel. RESULT: Win! I finished writing the draft in February/March.

Publish third [now fourth] novel. RESULT: 50/50. In my heart this is a win… I decided to push the publication of the fourth novel to February/March of 2019. Technically the book is done—edits and all. I decided to move it to 2019 because I’d published Tattoo Switcheroo and Cerberus Confidential a month apart in August and September, then published in e-book format Hound Dog Confidential and Through the Villain’s Eyes in October and November. I want to have more stuff to drop in 2019. I’m a slow writer (by indie standards), so saving up my finished work helps me to have more back-to-back releases in 2019.

Finish writing the prequel novella for the Primordial Realms series. RESULT: Win! Tattoo Switcheroo was published in August.

Edit and publish the prequel novella and use it as a free reader magnet. RESULT: Win! Tattoo Switcheroo was edited and published. I’ll do the whole “free reader magnet” thing when the entire series is complete.

success-1433400_640Outline and draft at least fifty percent of the fourth novel in the Primordial Realms series. RESULT: Winner, winner, chicken dinner!  The novel isn’t finished, but it is more than 50% drafted.

Brainstorm and outline a new series that will be written to market. RESULT: Nope! Didn’t do this at all. I have a ton of ideas for new novels and have outlined a few, but nothing that will stand as a complete series.

Overall tally:  six out of ten goals completed. Although I feel like it was 7 out of 10. What derailed 2018 was having to chop up Hound Dog Confidential into two novels and the re-editing of those books plus Through the Villain’s Eyes. This soaked up a lot of time, energy, and money that I hadn’t expected to expend. I’m glad I did it, however, no matter the loss.

What goals did you or didn’t you accomplish in 2018?

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