Quarterly Writing Goals: Q4 2018 Review

Fourth quarter came and went and was filled with highs, lows, disappointment, illness, and procrastination.

One of the lows was my reading list.  I read and/or did not finish so many terrible books. There wasn’t a five star book in the lot. Below are the ones worth mentioning.

Reading Goals:


Greensmith Girls: A Supernatural Witch Cozy Mystery (Lainswich Witches Series Book 1) by Raven Snow:  This is a cute cozy mystery with a light romance subplot. The main characters, Rowen and Eric, have chemistry and their budding relationship doesn’t get in the way of solving the murder mystery. The plot had no surprises, but I enjoyed the journey of reading this book. All of the characters are likeable and Rowen is a strong woman without being a stereotype.


Dark Souls (Dark Souls, Soul Hunters, Book 1) by E.J. King: Boring in many areas. No typos.

Moon Rise: A Quirky, Snarky Urban Fantasy (Supernatural Siblings Series Book 1) by Drew and David Van Dyke: The main character, Ashlee, has a snarky, funny, but sometimes whiney personality. The novel is well written and has a light hearted charm. The main drawbacks were the one-dimensional and cartoonish villains.

A Throne for Sisters (Book 1) by Morgan Rice: It started off with a fascinating premise with two orphaned sisters with secret mindreading powers escaping from a brutal orphanage. The sisters realize they have different live goals for their future so they split up. This is where half of the novel goes downhill. While Kate’s journey to be a fighter is believable and interesting, her sister, Sophia’s journey is boring and farfetched. The instant romance between Sophia and Sebastian feels forced and drags the novel down. I would read more about 15-year old Kate, but would rather avoid learning more about Sophia. Kate’s half of A Throne for Sisters is four stars.

Night Slayer: Midnight War by William Massa: Overall, the book is well written with no typos. The pacing was good. What didn’t work for me were the cheesy dialogue and corny action movie-lite one liners.

Recursion: Book one of the Recursion Event Saga by Brian J. Walton: This book wasn’t for me. The time traveling premise is interesting and so are the dueling secret orders of time travelers—The ISD, The Elementals, and The Order. I didn’t understand the plot or any of the decisions Molly, the main character, made.

drop-3698073_640Writing Goals:

I’m still writing the 5th novel.  The procrastination wall landed on me big time after Thanksgiving. I was going strong for quite a run then, BAM! I got swamped at work and at home, plus I became ill. My current career pays my bills, and both my job and family are important to me.  Something had to give and the something was my writing. I’m hoping to get back in the groove in January.

Author Goals:

I had Through the Villain’s Eyes re-edited and now it is published on Amazon in e-book format.  The prequel novella plus the first three novels in the series are available for sale as e-books.

The 4th novel in the Primordial Realms urban fantasy series has been through copy editing and proof reading. Hooray!

I did set up the marketing for Through the Villain’s Eyes.  I did two promo sites, AMS ads (Amazon sponsored product ads), and BookBub PPC (pay-per-click) ads. I do this for all of my books.  My advertising budget is paltry and limited so my sales are less than stellar.

mushroom-3659165_640Moving forward, I plan to:

  • Publish the 4th novel in the Primordial Realms series. I moved the launch from December to February/March. More on this in a later post.
  • Write at least one flash fiction piece or short story.
  • Finish writing the fifth book in the Primordial Realms series.
  • Outline the next series.

What goals did you accomplish in fourth quarter?

I hope you liked this month’s blog post. The books in my urban fantasy series, Primordial Realms, are available at Amazon. Free on Kindle Unlimited! Please let me know your thoughts by liking, commenting or subscribing.



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