Six Book Marketing Tips for Authors

It’s imperative today that all authors, self or traditionally published, create a marketing strategy to promote their books. If you just write a novel, readers won’t come, sadly. “But, why not?” you may be wailing to the cruel universe. Because readers don’t know your book exists.

Book promotion shouldn’t be limited to a book launch but done consistently throughout the lifetime of your book.

Here are six book marketing ideas for authors.

Tik Tok:

Tik Tok has become a significant method that authors and readers, readers and readers, and readers and new books engage with each other. It’s a fun way to connect with people and create a community. BookTok is a term for book related Tik Tok posts, which can include book reviews, art, news, and readings. Make your short videos entertaining and include hashtags, captions, and subtitles to help people find your post. Always remember your ideal reader or target audience are readers. Create what will appeal to them.

Paid Advertising:

The main way to advertise is through Amazon ads, Facebook, and BookBub. I’ve tried paid advertising through Amazon and BookBub, but the only one that showed any results was Amazon. There are also book bargain newsletters where you can pay to advertise, but the only time I got results from those was for a book I’d discounted to free, and the results weren’t good.

Build an E-mail List:

Every author turned book marketing guru who’s also trying to sell you an expensive course on book marketing recommends building an e-mail list. How? It’s never clear.  I have an e-mail list, a very small e-mail list where two of my subscribers are my own alternative e-mail addresses that I use to test my newsletters. It has never sold a single book. I got one download of a free book once, but that’s it. Clearly, I’m doing everything wrong, but building an e-mail list and being consistent with sending out entertaining newsletters is recommended by every author as a marketing tip. So, here you go.

Update Book Covers & Blurbs:

The book cover & blurb plays a critical role in helping readers know what your book is about and factors into whether they click the buy button or not. Make sure the images and fonts on your cover matches bestselling books in your genre. Rewrite your blurb so the hook is strong, giving readers a reason to want more. Dissect the blurbs of bestselling books in your category. Make yours like theirs. Hire a professional if necessary. The cover and blurb are on the front line of your sales funnel so keep them fresh and up to date. Good covers are an investment in your writing career.

Network With Other Authors:

As much as the idea of talking to actual humans makes my inner introvert shake with fear and pee on the carpet, networking is a necessary evil. You can’t participate in joint giveaways and promotions to grow your e-mail list, join newsletter swaps, exchange ideas & feedback, get editorial reviews, guest blog, or guest speak on a podcast without a network of author friends. You can meet your fellow scribblers at online writing sites, conventions, through social media, and local writing groups.

Bonus Content:

Bonus content related to your books may consist of free short stories, art, maps, deleted scenes, or even a free novel.  It’s best if your bonus content is digital and downloadable to save on shipping and for easy delivery. It keeps readers engaged and can serve as a newsletter sign-up perk. If your content is especially interesting, like quizzes or games, you can get readers hooked to returning to your website often.


Write a professional and interesting author bio for your website as well as your book pages.

Have you tried any of the above marketing tips? If so, what brought on more sales?

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