Five Fantastic Fictional Bookworms

In high school, when other kids hung out in the cafeteria for lunch, I wouldn’t go eat. I’d rush to the library, find my favorite desk and continue reading the novel I’d started the night before. Books were my favorite types of gifts growing up and they still are today, so bookworms hold a special place in my heart. Here’s a list of my favorite fictional bookworms.

Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The library scene says it all.

Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons. She may be only eight years old, but Lisa is a smart, gifted musician, a feminist, an animal rights activist as well as a passionate book lover.

Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. What’s not to love about the nerdy, genius, FBI agent who can speed read?

“I don’t believe that intelligence can be accurately quantified, but I do have an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory, and can read twenty thousand words per minute. Yes, I am a genius.” Dr. Reid, Criminal Minds, Season One, Extreme Aggressor.

Anne Shirley from the 1908 novel Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I have to admit, I’d never heard of this novel or the character until last year. Our local PBS channel ran reruns of the series on the weekends. I caught a couple of episodes and fell instantly, passionately, head over heels in love with the precocious eleven year old Anne and her adoptive parents, Marilla and Matthew.

Jean Louise “Scout” Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. There is so much going on in the novel that it’s almost easy to miss Scout’s love of reading.

Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.” Chapter 2 of To Kill a Mockingbird by Scout.


Donna Meagle from Parks and Recreation. She’s a girl after my own heart.

“Oh, I love any book about vampires, werewolves, monsters, zombies, sorcerers, beasties, or time-traveling romances.” Donna from Parks and Recreation.

Who are your favorite fictional bookworms?

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