A List of Book Promotion Sites

Marketing is a four letter word to most authors, and I don’t mean the word ‘love.’ Advertising and marketing are important no matter how icky it makes you feel. Writing a novel and making it available to the world doesn’t mean the world will take notice.  Or care. Or fart in your general direction.

Once we release a novel, indie authors must scoop out their writer’s brain and plop in their publisher’s brain.  Your book baby is now a product swimming in an ocean cluttered with thousands of other books that are published daily.  Why, you may ask, is it important to market your novel? Do I need to list the reasons? Okay, here it is:

No one will read your novel because no one knows about it

That’s it.

It may seem like traditionally published authors don’t market their books, but that is not true.  Every time you see an interview or feature about your favorite author’s latest tome that is advertising.

promotions small poster-814543_640Since self-published authors don’t have a public relations team or a marketing department behind them, I’ve pulled together a small list of book promo sites.  I don’t vouch for these websites in any way.  Once my first two novels are published, I plan to try some of them.  I will post updates on what worked and what didn’t later in the year.


Awesomegang.com: It is free, but there is also a $10 paid option to get your book featured on their homepage for 2 days, a guaranteed spot in their newsletters and more social media promotion.

Pretty-hot.com: Their service is free, but also has a featured option for $25 that guarantees a featured spot on their homepage for 7 days. Your book will also go out to their newsletter and social media channels.

eBookasaurus: From free to a Premium Book Listing is $10USD/ per listing

The Book Circle: Free: Consideration for listing on their Free Kindle Ebooks Page, 1 Tweet, 1 Facebook Post; Premium: $9.00 Guaranteed listing on their Free Kindle Ebooks Page, 1 Tweet, 1 FB post, 1 Banner Ad; Professional: $19.00 Everything included in Premium Package plus an E-newsletter Blast

Discount Book Man: From free to a Featured Book Listing for $15

Book Hippo: A UK based book promotion company who will support your book for free once you’ve joined their free site.

Paid promo sites:


Book Pebble: $5 – $15

Price Dropped Books: $6 – $23

Reign of Reads: $10 & $15

The Fussy Librarian: $10 – $18

My Book Cave: $10 -$ 20

eBook Soda: $15 – $27

Genre Pulse: $16 – $19

eBook Betty: $18 – $20

Book Barbarian (Sci-Fi/Fantasy only): $25 – $45

Many Books: $29

Robin Reads: $35 – $70


Book Sends: $20 – $125

Bargain Booksy: $25 – $135

Free Kindle Books & Tips: $25 – $125

eReader News Today: $35 – $135

OHFB: $75 & $100


Books Butterfly: $50 – $400

Book Bub: $35 – $2,560

Please know that all of the above have conditions in order to advertise, such as a minimum number of reviews, pricing, minimum average star ratings and availability requirements. Please read their terms and conditions beforehand.

Good luck on your writer’s journey.  Do you find it hard to change from being a writer to being a marketer?

Hope you liked this week’s blog post.  You can read the first chapters of my urban fantasy series The Children of Ekhidna and Typhoeus on the books page.

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4 thoughts on “A List of Book Promotion Sites

    1. In answer to your query: Yes. I do find it hard transitioning from a writer to a marketer. Essentially because I’m always working on 2 or 3 books at a time. When I finish one, I’m like totally driven to get back into books two and three which are usually 1/2 finished.
      Pausing to market is a pain.
      I really need to reach ultra-stardom so I can hire someone to do it for me.
      Thanks again for the list.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That is the dream. I’ve been curious about virtual assistants, but even researching it takes more time than I have. Thank you for reading and commenting.


    2. I hope it helps people. The world of self publishing and book promotion in general is difficult to navigate. I have another list of book promo sites that I will put up when I investigate them more later in the year. Thank you!


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