Primordial Realms Series


2_book_Template-smallPrequel Novella: Tattoo Switcheroo

A normal day turns into a nightmare for supernatural nurse Fionnley McCarthy when she switches bodies with a patient. Now she must learn to trust her Jane Doe mystery patient to find a cure for a preternatural disease. But with bizarre symptoms getting in their way, can Fionnley and Jane Doe find the remedy before the switch becomes permanent?

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Book 1: Cerberus Confidential

One missing woman. Two detectives. Numerous suspects.

Detective Niels Troelsen is nervous and excited about working his first case. Find a human woman who has been missing for a few days. Simple, right? Turns out his missing person was keeping secrets, along with everyone else in her life.

Niels and his partner, Detective Elan Cohen, use their Canine-shifting abilities to sniff out clues, but the case is tougher than they thought and bodies are piling up.

Can they find her before she, too, ends up at the morgue?

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Hound-Dog-Confidential-Promo-PaperbackBook 2: Hound Dog Confidential

Party girl. Socialite. Addict.

Natalie Richards is all three. Her drug of choice is clay, the most addictive form of dark alchemy. When she doesn’t come home after a week-long bender, her estranged mother is anxious to find her, but also anxious to keep Natalie’s addiction a secret. Good thing Natalie’s uncle, a powerful member of the Primordial Senate, has connections. Detectives Leela Sharma and Reidar Troelsen are assigned to the case. Together they battle dark alchemists, ferocious beasts, and supernatural politics to find Natalie before she overdoses, but they soon discover their simple case is bigger than one missing party girl when powerful families are involved.


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Through-The-Villain's-Eyes-Promo-PaperbackBook 3: Through The Villain’s Eyes

The past or the future? A human existence or immortality?

Blaire Underhill had accepted her new life. No longer a polite pharmacist, she now belongs to an international group of hunters who save humans from Primordial monsters. Her past, however, isn’t done with her. An e-mailed message brings news that her wife, Yarah, is living a nightmare.

Personal demons, self-doubt, and an unstoppable power that compels Blaire to kill block her path to return home, but leaving Yarah to suffer at the hands of her enemy is not an option.

Can Blaire save her wife from a fate worse than death? Or, will her ill-gotten magical powers devour her soul before she even makes it home?


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Trapped-In-A-Broken-Place-Promo-PaperbackBook 4: Trapped in a Broken Place

Will she survive?

Two years have passed since Yarah helped Blaire escape the evil magic controlling her, but it came at a price. Yarah lost her family, and Blaire is living under a curse that has left her blind, deaf, and mute.

Yarah sold everything she owned and devoted her life to being Blaire’s fulltime caregiver, but there is no rest for the broken. The new Primordial leader has Yarah dragged to her office because she needs information that only Blaire can provide. Getting this knowledge requires using a powerful spell which will render Blaire brain dead—if she lives.

Yarah races to find an antidote to Blaire’s curse while avoiding the clutches of the new leader, but nothing is as it seems.

The evil magic Yarah thought she’d erased was merely waiting to destroy her and the people she loves.

Only one question remains: will she survive long enough to save them and the world?


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