How to Handle Rejection

Rejection is going to happen. It may be getting turned down for a job you really wanted, not getting a second date, or not fitting in with a peer-group. Whatever the case, being rejected can be a painful experience—and there are many times when it can be enough to prevent you from trying again.

Unfortunately, rejection can be a slippery slope if not handled correctly. Unhealthy coping can make it difficult to rebound, and even lead to anxiety and depression. But it doesn’t have to. If you are struggling with rejection, here are a few tips to help you bounce back better than ever before, move forward, and come out all the better for it: 

Reflect, But Don’t Dwell

One of the most important things you can do after rejection is take some time to reflect on why. Instead of just feeling the hurt of rejection, ask yourself what might have gone wrong and what could be different next time.

But keep in mind that reflection does not mean criticizing yourself. If you start to dwell on the rejection and blame yourself for everything, you run the risk of demoralizing yourself. Always remember to reflect on what happened and how you can make different choices in the future.

Take Time for Self-care

The pain of rejection leads to a wide range of emotions, especially anger and frustration. Taking some time to deal with these emotions in a positive, healthy way is essential. One of the best ways to deal with negative emotions is to practice self-care through healthy habits and choices.

Going out for a jog, spending time outdoors on a hike, meditating, or doing yoga are effective ways of releasing pent-up emotions quickly. But don’t stop with exercise; focus on healthy habits such as eating well, drinking water, and getting a good night’s sleep. Taking care of yourself physically will make it easier to process things mentally. 

Spend Time With People You Care About

One of the biggest problems people face with rejection is they tend to forget that the world is a lot bigger than that one moment. Spending time with family, friends, and the ones you care about is a great reminder that there is more out there than just rejection. The connection we get from the people around us reminds us that we are valued, lovable, and can help increase our sense of self-worth.

Move Forward

If there is one thing you should always remember, it is to never let rejection get in the way of progress. Yes, it’s painful; yes, it’s difficult, but rejection is part of life. If you let it prevent you from making forward progress, your future self will never get the yes for a second date or the congratulations on a new job.

The next time you are dealing with rejection, don’t dwell in it. Take a moment to reflect, ask yourself what could be done differently in the future, take care of yourself, and move forward.

How do you handle rejection?

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