Five Subscription Boxes for Writers

There seems to be a subscription service for everything these days, from beauty products to wine and cheese.  But, what about writers?  Don’t let our aloof, hipster attitudes fool you. We like getting stuff in the mail like everyone else — with the exception of bills and IRS notices, of course.

package-2366468_640Here is my Christmas list… um, I mean, a list of cool subscription boxes for wordsmiths:

Book of the Month: Feed the wale reader in you.  The team at this company selects five titles per month.  You decide which ones you want to read, and then enjoy.  The cost is about $14.99/book credit.

Cloth & Paper at Cratejoy: This might fulfill all of your stationary and home office dreams in one monthly box.  They’ll send you lovely planner stationary, stylish pens and pencils and other writing tools to get your creative juices flowing. The cost is from $16.33 – $40/mo.

Scribbler: This is one of the best subscription boxes for writers.  It’ll contain teaching tools from bestselling authors, like workbooks, as well as cutesy writing gifts and an autographed novel. The cost is $27/mo.

Scripter Box: Their Writer Box is designed for anyone who likes writing.  It includes a book on writing as well as three – five writerly items. The cost is $39.99/mo.

The Bookish Box: This is another literary subscription that can include a book plus a book nerd themed T-shirt, mug, candle, etc.  The cost is from $36.99 – $52.50/mo.

My adoring fans, please don’t feel pressured to gift me any of the above.  It’s not not necessary.

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