Five Tips for Teen Writers

Like most authors, I knew I wanted to be a writer at a young age.  Here are some tips I would have given my younger self.

Read! – Read a lot and read widely. You’ll learn story structure, genre tropes, pacing and voice through reading. Plus, reading an extensive variety of genres expands your tastes and creativity.

Study grammar and spelling – While old dogs can learn new tricks, it is much easier to absorb new things as a puppy. I’m sure you get where I’m going with this canine analogy.

inner teen writer blogging-15968_640Practice writing – Write in a journal. Write short stories, flash fiction, fan fiction, poetry or novels. Your writing will get better over time.

Join writing groups – Having friends who are writers not only means you’re part of the cool crowd, but will also help you write better in the long run. They will give you feedback on your work and can serve as critique partners and beta readers later in life.

Experience life – Don’t spend your free time like a hermit, holed up in your writing cave and scaring your parents. Do fun things with friends and family. Go to parties. Get a part time job. Exercise. Fall in love and have hobbies. These experiences are not only good for mental health, but also fertilize your creativity and can add richness to you writing.

What are some tips you would give to a teenage writer?

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