Book 3 of My Urban Fantasy Series is Available as an eBook!

Through the Villain’s Eyes, the third book in the Primordial Realms series, is now available.  The eBook is only $2.99 on Amazon or free with Kindle Unlimited.



The past or the future? A human existence or immortality?

Blaire Underhill has accepted her new life. No longer a polite pharmacist, she now belongs to an international group of hunters who save humans from Primordial monsters. Her past, however, isn’t done with her. An e-mailed message brings news that her wife, Yarah, is living a nightmare.

Personal demons, self-doubt, and an unstoppable power that compels Blaire to kill block her path to return home, but leaving Yarah to suffer at the hands of her enemy is not an option.

Can Blaire save her wife from a fate worse than death? Or will her ill-gotten magical powers devour her soul before she even makes it home?

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Author’s Note

Cerberus Confidential was originally part of Hound Dog Confidential. The timelines in both books are the same.

Primordial Realms

  • Tattoo Switcheroo (prequel novella)
  • Cerberus Confidential
  • Hound Dog Confidential
  • Through the Villain’s Eyes
  • Trapped in a Broken Place


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