Last Minute Book Launch Check List

Publishing a novel can be overwhelming the first time. In the rush to get everything done, you might forget something and have to re-cork the champagne bottle to do it. I forgot so many things when I launched my debut novel, Hound Dog Confidential.

Here are a few things to remember:

  1. Send out advanced reader copies of the novel for reviews.
  2. Tease followers on social media/blog about you upcoming book with pictures, character profiles, play list, etc.
  3. Create a launch plan that includes a marketing strategy, publishing date, advertising, set up of author pages on Amazon and Goodreads, updates to the pages on your website, changes to social media headers, and write copy for social media posts and ads about your book’s release.
  4. Create and schedule a newsletter announcement if you have a mailing list.
  5. Have metadata ready, such as your book’s categories, keywords and pricing.
  6. Set up advertising: blog tours, understand Amazon Marketing Services and Facebook ads (if this is something you want to do and can afford), and stack ads on e-mail promo sites.
  7. Complete the final proof read of the novel.
  8. When the novel is formatted, review it in all formats–PDF, ePub, mobi.
  9. Send a follow up e-mail to your ARC team about the publishing date as a reminder for them to leave reviews where ever you book will be sold.
  10. Triple check your sales blurb for typos and readability.
  11. Write a blog post or film a vlog post about your book’s release date.


Whew! Luckily, for indie authors, book launches get easier with time and you’ll remember to do most of these items automatically.

Is there anything you’d add to my last minute book launch check list?

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