What I’ve learned about self-publishing (part 2) – marketing

L.M. Milford

For many (or possibly most) people, marketing doesn’t come easily. It fills you with the image of cold callers and hard sellers, but in reality it can be much more subtle than that. In fact, it can be as simple as recommending a book to a friend. You’re marketing on behalf of the author. But trying to push your book out there and under the noses of readers, and also talk about yourself, is something I find very difficult. And as I’ve only got one book, that’s not a lot to sell.

But even as a very newbie self-publisher there are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way:

WhatI learned from self-publishing graphic 21. Start your marketing early – I’ve been quite good at this, mostly because my day job is in PR and communications, but it’s never too early to start with marketing activities. At first it’ll only need to be a…

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