Why You Should Not Give Up On Your Dreams

“My dreams are valid!” Try saying that three more times. “My dreams are valid!”

No matter how big and unachievable your dreams may seem, dreams possess great inherent power. I must tell you this loud and clear, “Your dreams are very powerful!” Yes, they are. And it is with this power that you will be propelled to greatness. Dreams create a big reality that pushes you into taking giant steps. And these steps bring the dreams into your physical reality.

Now, you cannot deny that in the pursuit of your dreams, challenges are inevitable. The validity of your dreams will be constantly checked. The tendencies of you feeling tired is high. You might even be ready to give up on your dreams. Below, I have put together three key reasons why you should not give up on your dreams.

You are a step closer to achieving your dreams

Setbacks are inevitable in the pursuit of your dreams. Unfortunately, many dream chasers do not know this. Hence, they give up on their dreams. Some give up their dreams at the set go because of their fear of setbacks. Some others give up their dreams when they are faced with a setback. However close you are to setbacks, do not forget, setbacks are stepping stones to achieving your dreams. Do you know setbacks are beneficial? They hurt, give you scars, and teach you lessons. However, the lessons you have learned will make you wiser at making better decisions in similar situations in the future. Remember, those who achieve success today once failed. They did not remain failures. They learned from their failures and never gave up.

Your life will be a motivation

True success is not determined by how well we live for ourselves, but how well we live for others. In other words, your pursuit should be a beacon of hope to those coming after you. Many people will need to see you rise above challenges so they can also face their mountains. This is why you have to remain persistent in your pursuit. Your life will be a motivation for a lot of people. And your success will prevent a lot of people from giving up on their dreams. Remember, true heroes are those who impact lives positively. Do not stop pursuing your dreams.

The experience you garner is enjoyable

The journey to achieving your dreams is usually full of ups and downs. The totality of your experiences, either sweet or bitter, will be enjoyable in the end. This is why you should stay motivated and celebrate every small win. Create enjoyable memories that will continue to long. Come to think of it. If you give up, there will be no enjoyable memories to share. Therefore, do not give up on your dreams.

Final thoughts

The journey to achieving your dreams is not a sprint but a marathon. It is a long walk. But trust me, irrespective of your setbacks, your dreams are still valid. All you need to do is to be fierce and resilient. You must be committed to achieving your dreams. In no time, you will be celebrated. Keep chasing. You are made for success!

How do you keep yourself motivated?

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