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2017 Goals and How to Keep Them

Did you achieve the New Year’s resolutions you made back on January 1, 2016?  Yeah, me either. I still haven’t lost those pesky ten pounds, joined a gym or become a stripper with a heart of gold. About forty-one percent of Americans will make resolutions this year. According to’s research, a paltry nine percent will successfully achieve their vows. If only saying was the equivalent of doing. If only willpower and self-control could fly to your doorstep on a breeze like Mary Poppins.

Great minds on the Internet proposed these four tips to help wayward resolution makers keep their New Year’s pledges:

Instead of resolutions this year, I’ve decided to create a list of annual writing goals. At the risk of public humiliation, and because sharing is caring, here are my 2017 goals that by the grace of Gaia and the power of Thor’s abs I will complete by 12/31/17:

What are your goals for 2017? Or, are you a smarty-pants who doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions?

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